Release 2.6.0: Roadmap, bug reports, feature requests and community forum

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  • on 21-07-2023

We're excited to announce the addition of a new feature - Feedback Forum. This tool aims to bridge the gap between our team and the user community, offering a more structured way to share, discuss, and prioritize ideas, problems, and solutions. The Feedback Forum includes the following boards:

  • Community Q&A: Here, users can post their questions and engage in enlightening discussions. You can help out fellow users by answering their queries or learn from the responses given by others.
  • Changelog: This board keeps you updated with the most recent changes, updates, and improvements in the app. Stay up-to-date and make the most of the enhancements.
  • Feature Requests: Got an idea that could make our app better? We're all ears! Post your suggestions here, and let the community vote on it. Popular ideas with high votes get higher visibility, potentially influencing our product roadmap.
  • Bug Reporting: Encountered an issue? Report bugs in this dedicated space, helping us pinpoint and resolve problems faster.
  • Roadmap: We're transparent about our plans. Check out our roadmap to see what we're currently working on and what's planned for future releases.

The forum is available to all registered users who can post and vote on the posts, actively contributing to shaping the future of our app. As always, we look forward to your valuable feedback and discussions in the forum. Together, we'll make the app even better!

Visit the forum here (you need to log in first to post & vote).